You can see 10 photos wooden bird feeders to backyard

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Wooden bird feeders are the most popular types of bird feeders out there. They are what you usually imagine when someone is talking about a bird feeder. However, there are many more different bird feeders out there. Bird feeders can be made from stone, plastic, paper and even cups and saucers. There are glass bird feeders as well as metal ones. Even though the wooden bird feeders are not very easy to make, and can be costly, they are probably the best feeders out there.

Wooden bird feeders for sale vary greatly. You can find very affordable feeders as well as extremely expensive once. The most expensive wooden feeders are decorative. They might be functional as well, but they are mostly made to be a part of the interior or outdoor appearance. Many people think decorative bird feeders are a great idea to decorate their backyard. They buy a decorative bird feeder, put some food into it and forget about them. Such behavior can be very dangerous for the birds. First of all, not all feeders are made from safe materials. Secondly, the food must not be left exposed to rain and snow. And finally, feeders must be protected from animals.

wooden bird feeders

Handmade wooden bird feeders must also comply to all the rules which are applicable to the bird feeders you buy in the store. The bird feeders must be safe, have a roof to keep the food from getting wet and be easily accessible for the birds. You can make your wooden feeder to look the way you like, but don’t forget all the important requirements. If you do a good job following the rules for making a proper bird feeder, it will serve you for a very long time and will do a great job attracting the birds to your yard. If you continue feeding the birds in the winter you can save some of them from hunger.

10 Photos of the You can see 10 photos wooden bird feeders to backyard

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