You can see 10 small wooden bird houses

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If you are looking for a great backyard decoration which will have a good functionality, take a look at the small wooden bird houses. The small wooden house is essentially a bird feeder. No bird will live in such a small space. So be ready that the small bird house will be the source of food only. In order to be a good and useful feeder, the bird house must have a large enough opening for the bird to fly into it comfortably. Decorative bird houses are often made so the bird can’t enter. So, if you need your bird house to be functional, make sure that you check its properties before buying.

There are a lot of interesting style choices for decorative bird houses. The bird house doesn’t need to remind of a house at all. Actually an opening for the bird to fly in and enough hollow space to fit the bird and its food is all that is required in a bird house. The way it looks outside depends on your imagination. Bird houses come in different forms. For example, a very popular look for a wooden bird house is a ship. The wooden houses are often made to look like pirate ships. Before buying this kind of a bird house, make sure it is functional and will fit your surroundings. Such ships look very nice on the computer monitor or at the store, however can be bulky and out of place once hung on a tree.

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Expensive bird houses are not really necessary to be purchased. An affordable bird house can be very functional as well as good looking. If you’d like to design your own bird house, you can buy an unfinished wooden house and make anything you’d like with it. Or you can request a custom made wooden house from a manufacturer for an affordable price.

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