Original and unusual pictures of bird houses for garden decoration

pictures of bird houses in gardens

If you are a professional photographer you can take on a project of pictures of bird houses. Bird houses are a very interesting theme, which makes for great photo materials. Bird houses can be very different. Some are handmade, others are designed in very specific styles. They go from crude school projects to intricate antique-styled ones. There is also an interesting subject of actual antique cages. Many of them have stayed intact for over a century. Making a photo report of the most interesting antique cages is a great idea for any professional photographer.

Browsing pictures of bird houses in gardens is a great way to choose the proper bird houses for your own yard. There are so many options when it comes to bird houses, it is easy to get discouraged. However, there is an easy way to choose the right bird house for yourself. You have to ask yourself what you need this bird house for. If it is for decoration purposes only, then choose the one that you like the most and the one that fits the way your yard is decorated. You can change the decorations to fit your favorite looking bird houses as well. If you need to get a functional bird house, then choose the one made from durable materials, which can withstand weather conditions and allow breeding.

painted bird houses

Colorful bird houses are a great choice for those who want to design your yard to be a children’s playground. However, if you will have children playing around in your yard, place the bird houses away from their playground. Birds are messy and leave excrements, which can be dangerous for children. So it would be better to separate the bird houses and the place where children spend most of their time. It is a good idea to buy unfinished wooden houses and color them on your own.

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12 Photos of the Original and unusual pictures of bird houses for garden decoration

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