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corner parrot cages

If you have decided to get yourself a parrot, you should start looking for parrot cages for sale. Finding the right cage is very important. However, once you have chosen the right one, there are a lot more things you must consider.

If you have decided to choose between used parrot cages, make sure that you clean such cage properly. The old tenant might have been sick, so cleaning is imperative for disease prevention. Make sure to clean the bars properly. The birds like to gnaw on them, and they are the best place for transferring the bacteria.

corner parrot cages

Small parrot cages are harder to clean, so perhaps they will need to be fully immersed into a cleaning solution for several hours in order to make sure that they are properly cleaned. Small cages are usually easier to find on a used market, since the life span of smaller birds is shorter and owners often decide not to get a new bird.

Once you have purchased a cage, think about where you want to place it. It is important for a parrot to have its own place. So before putting a cage somewhere, make sure that you are ready to keep it there. Otherwise your pet will be very unhappy with constant moves. The best place for a parrot cage is the room where you and your family gather most often. Usually it is a living room. The parrots are very social birds and they will be unhappy if the cage is stuck in some place which you don’t visit often. Don’t place the cage in the center of the room. The bird will feel uncomfortable. If the bird is purchased for a child, it can live in his or her room for the child to take more care if it. The parrot will feel the happiest if it is being considered a family member.

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