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If you have purchased a bird, make sure you take care of its health. Proper parrot bird food is imperative to keep your parrot happy and healthy. The main bird food for the parrots is the grain mix. It consists of 70 % millet, 10 % oats and 20 % wheat, hemp seed and other types of seed. Millet can be of different kinds: red, white, black and yellow. Parakeets shouldn’t be given nuts and sunflower seeds, since this food has too much fats, which is not recommended for such birds.

When you are buying food for parrot bird, pay some special attention to the packaging. It will be the best idea to choose air-proof packaging. Such packaging will protect the food from moisture during storage and will not allow bacteria to spread inside. After you buy the food, take a look at the box and check the food for smells. If you have any doubts about the food quality, it would be better to get rid of it. Remember, birds might not be smart enough to tell good food from bad one, so it is fully your responsibility. Fresh grain is shiny, so if it looks dull, has dark stains or bad smell, you should throw it out.

food for parrot bird

A parakeet needs only two teaspoons of parrot bird seed mix a day. Young birds often eat a lot more, since they are growing. It is important to make sure that your pet doesn’t overeat. Limit the feeding to three tea spoons. If the bird usually eats the 3 spoons in the first half of the day, then you should be putting the food gradually throughout the day.  Birds rarely overeat, so you will probably not have to be limiting your bird. But it is important to know your bird’s easting habits in order to keep it healthy.

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