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If you are choosing between several large parrot cages for your bird, you are already on the right track. A parrot cage should be large, regardless of the size of the bird. The more space the bird has, the better. If the bird can fly around the cage, it will do a lot for its health and life quality. The better the life quality your bird has, the longer the life span will be. According buying a large cage is a great idea.

Big parrot cages can be quite expensive. That is why, if you are on a tight budget, you should look for used cages. Used cages also come in all shapes and sizes and some have great qualities. However, there are several things you must check when buying a used parrot cage.

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• Is the cage clean enough? Of course, you will do your own cleaning after you make the purchase. It is a compulsory task. However, there are some things which cannot be cleaned. Check for beak markings on the cage bars. If there are too many of them, then the dirt will get into the hollow parts and will be quite impossible to clean. Also, if the previous cage tenant was sick, the bacteria has gotten into those bite marks.

• Do the doors close properly? If the previous owner allowed his or her bird to fly around the house a lot, the doors were being opened and closed on regular basis. Most of the cages don’t have proper locks which can withstand heavy use. So, make sure you check if the doors close properly.

You can find new large parrot cages for sale in almost any pet store in your neighborhood. If you are buying a new cage, make sure you check that it is made properly. All locks must close easily, there shouldn’t be a lot of space between bars and it should be easy to access for cleaning.

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