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make bird food in home

If you have decided to feed the birds on your own, you must learn how to make bird food. This is not an easy task, since the birds should be provided with all types of different vitamins, which you might never even thought of. There are several instructions for bird food making on the Internet. But be prepared to buy a great variety of ingredients to keep the birds happy. If you thought that the birds will be satisfied with some seeds and nuts, you were very wrong. The birds needs fruits and vegetables as well.

Knowing how to make bird food is a useful skill for the time when you suddenly run out of food and need to feed your bird. At the same time, you can save some money by making the food on your own instead of buying it from a special bird food manufacture. However, in the end it might not be such a good idea to constantly feed the indoor bird with home made food. The food you make yourself is always a great idea for the wild birds in your yard. They have a chance to find different vitamins and minerals on their own. However, your indoor bird pet doesn’t have that possibility. So, if for some reason you forget to give it some vitamins, there is no place the bird can get it from. In order to be sure that the bird is healthy, special food is required and it is better to buy it at the pet store.

make bird food

If you really want to learn how to make your own bird food, search for some instructions on the Internet. Another good way to learn would be to read the label on the back of the factory bird food pack. There will be a list of ingredients, which you can buy and mix yourself in the right proportion. It is important to remember that different birds require different diets. So before buying the necessary ingredients, make sure that they are the ones your bird needs most.

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