Top 10 decorative bird houses to backyard

decorative bird houses for outside

There is a a wide choice of decorative bird houses on the market. Such decorations have a great number of uses. For example, they can be used as Christmas tree toys or just a nice backyard decoration. The designs for such decorative houses vary greatly. They come in all types of shapes and sizes. Such houses don’t necessarily need to remind you of a bird house. Having an opening that resembles a place for a bird to fly inside is usually enough. The rest is up to imagination.

Large decorative bird houses are usually custom made for a gift or a special occasion such as a wedding. Decorative bird houses can be made to be used as flower pots or as newspaper holders. There are even handmade bird house competitions arranged among those who can make these pieces of art in the comfort of their own home. These large houses are often made to look like tree houses and are installed high upon a tree. Large decorative houses can also be used as bird feeders.

decorative bird houses

Decorative bird houses for indoor use are also very nicely designed. They are made to look like Christmas toys or are used as holders for different objects. Such bird houses are often made for children to play with. The materials toy houses are made of should be very sturdy in order to withstand heavy use. However, if the bird house is made to stand on a fireplace, it can be even made of glass. In fact, colored glass is widely used to make decorative objects, and a bird house is not an exception. A small decorative bird house can be hung on any tree in the backyard along with real bird houses to provide a nice addition to a certain bird house style. Decorative bird houses make great gifts.

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