How to make a clay pot bird bath for home decoration

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If you ever wanted to make a bird bath yourself, the easiest way would be to make a clay pot bird bath. Such bath will take less than an hour to make and will be very pleasing to the eye. You can also paint this bird bath any way you want or leave it without painting. In any case the bird bath will be very functional and can become a great addition to your backyard decor. In order to make an easy clay bird bath, you need to purchase some materials. You will need three flower pots 12, 14 and 16 inches in diameter. In fact, they can be of any size, just as long as one is smaller than the other.

For your DIY clay pot bird bath you would also need a clay saucer (which is often used with flower pots) and some glue. Now you are ready to start. Turn the largest pot over and place the second largest on top of it (also turn over), then place the third one on top of the second one. Glue these three pots together, so they make a pyramid-like stand for your bird bath. Then take your clay saucer and glue it on top of your pyramid. The bath is ready. Let the glue dry for a while and then you can start with the painting. If you don’t want to go through any decorating, then you can use the bird bath as it is.

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Now that you know how to make a clay pot bird bath, you can go ahead and make as many as you want. If you are hoping to get a lot of wild birds coming to your yard, you should place at least two or three bird baths on your territory. Make sure to keep the baths filled with water and clean them every once in a while. In the winter time you can purchase a bird bath heater, which would work great with your handmade clay bath.

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