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chapelwood bird table

It is easy to find bird table for sale in any pet store. However, much more fun would be to make it on your own. A bird table is easily made from wood, if you have any experience in wood work. Even if you don’t, there are many videos online to learn from. If you don’t have the materials and have no idea where to get them, no problem. You can buy a feeder building kit. Once you are done with your first feeder, you can go on to make more complicated bird accessories, such as baths and houses.

Plans for bird tables can also be found online. Before making a table, choose a plan which fits you best. There are simple and more complicated ways to make a table. Some of the feeders have different components, which might be a little hard to make. However, no matter which plan you choose, make sure it has a roof and appropriate design, which will allow you to either hang it or place it on a pole. Once you are done making the feeder, paint it with a non-toxic paint in order not to endanger the birds, which will be feeding from it. Once you hang the feeder, don’t forget to clean it at least on weekly basis. Otherwise the leftover food will cause bacteria spreading, which in turn will lead to bird diseases.

plans for bird table

If you are not sure you can build your own bird table, browse the Internet for unfinished tables. This way you will get a ready to use bird table, which will just need to be painted. In the end you won’t have to spend your time on building and will get a chance to make the feeder special and unique. Having differently painted bird tables in your yard is a great idea. The unique design will be appreciated by the owners and well-built bird tables will attract a lot of wild birds.

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