Top of the most beautiful bird bath garden for home decoration

fairy bird bath

Garden bird bath is a compulsory accessory for those home owners who want to get the wild birds coming to their territory. Some people might think that bird feeders are enough to get the birds’ attention. Whoever, it is not true. Birds need all types of accessories, and baths are the most important ones. Baths are used for both drinking and bathing. Special attention should be paid to baths in the winter when the water freezes over. In order to keep the water source open for birds, special water heaters can be purchased. There are also such things as heated bird baths.

If you don’t want to hang a bath in your yard, take a look at some bird bath pedestals. Actually, baths on pedestals look even better than the ones which are hung up. Hung up baths often get swayed by strong wind and water pours out. At the same time hung baths are harder to clean since they are not easy to reach. Baths on pedestals are easier to reach and will give your yard or garden a more regal look. Make sure to clean your baths on regular basis in order to keep the water fresh. Dirty water can become a dangerous source of bacteria for wild birds.

fairy bird bath

There are such things as ground bird baths. However, before buying this bath you must think twice. Some birds will not be using ground accessories since they are afraid of predators. Birds like their houses, feeders and baths to be as high up as possible. Some birds will still be using ground baths, so you can install one in your yard. Taking care of such a bath is much easier. However, it will get dirty faster. The best idea would be to either hang the bath or place it on a nice-looking pedestal.

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