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Bird baths are an essential part of any territory where you want to attract wild birds. Bird bath bowl is the part of the bath which you must pay the most attention to. There are two things to consider. They are both very important.

First thing is the shape of the bowl. There are millions of bird baths on the market, but many of them are made improperly and will cause problems for the birds who will try to drink form them or bathe there. So the shape must be carefully considered. The second property is the material it is made of. For those, who live in a cold climate, the material is very important, since not all the materials like in the metal bird bath can be be used with a bath heater in the winter.

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The shape of the bird bath bowls must be deep enough to contain enough water to satisfy the birds bathing and drinking needs. You must consider the number of birds that you are trying to service. If a lot of birds visit your yard, a shallow bowl will just not be enough. In fact, the water will become dirty very soon and will need to be changed. In order to avoid constant bowl maintenance, choose a deep bath bowl. Don’t be afraid of the depth, it cannot harm the birds. However, it will save them in the winter, when you place the heater into it. The birds will not be coming to sit inside the deep bowl and will drink from the air. This is very important, since if they sit on the bowl and get their feathers wet in the winter, they will freeze.

Choosing a right bird bath bowl is essential to optimizing the bathing and drinking process of the wild birds you attract to your territory.

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plastic bird bath bowlcast iron bird bathplastic bird bathglass bird bathbird bath bowlglass bird bath bowllarge bird bath bowlbird bath bowlsiron bird bathmetal bird bath bowlmetal bird bath

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